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An overview...

In celebration of 100 years of Aston Martin & 25 years of Aston Workshop, we proudly present the Aston Workshop Bespoke Range...

Each Bespoke project is just that, a tailor-made Aston Martin built to your exact specification using the highest quality craftsmanship, materials and engineering available.
Recent advances in automotive technology along with our vastly experienced team of technicians and unparalleled facilities mean that we are now able to offer a range of classic Aston Martins that remain true to the original whilst offering modern levels of comfort, safety & handling.

The Bespoke range is aimed at the Aston Martin connoisseur for whom, supreme comfort, increased performance & safety plus day-to-day usability are just as important as the iconic beauty of these incredible cars.

The level of engineering on every Bespoke model is second to none, ensuring a modern day driving experience and reliability that once seemed unachievable for classic owners.

Bespoke models are built without compromise and although this means they are not inexpensive, each car produced will be among the finest Aston Martins available and as such will achieve a premium over comparable models.

We have the enviable reputation as the world's leading restorer of classic Aston Martin cars, and this new range embodies the very best of what we can achieve at this time.

Aston Workshop Bespoke, the ultimate classic Aston Martin made just for you!
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