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Financing Bespoke Projects

The purchase of an Aston Workshop Bespoke model requires a certain level of commitment not usually associated with car buying.
Over the years we have helped numerous individuals to realise their dream.
Through careful planning and a flexible approach we are usually able to tailor an installment plan to suit the financial needs of the individual buyer.

For instance some owners pay a large deposit at the beginning of work with the balance due on completion whilst others prefer to pay regular, fixed rate monthly instalments.

These are just two examples of the way in which we can help you to pay for your Bespoke project and in reality the purchase will in most cases turn out to be as 'bespoke' as the car we build for you.
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Genuine Parts

We only use genuine Aston Martin
parts wherever possible as seen
on our dedicated parts website.
Bespoke Sales

Completed examples of our Bespoke models can sometimes be found on our car sales website.

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