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It's important to set a clear budget in order to achieve the desired outcome. These cars are the pinnacle of what we can achieve here at Aston Workshop, and there will always be a high price to pay for the very best, but in our experience this is most definitely money well spent.

Budget Planning

Setting a realistic budget is key to a successful restoration. Many restorations have gone forward on the basis of “heroic” assumptions, but with the risk of major disappointment and poor value for money.
It pays to be brutally realistic and ensure decisions are as well informed as possible. Our team of world class technicians are here to help, our workshop manager in particular will talk potential owners through each stage of the restoration to ensure our pricing is fully understood and appreciated.


Setting an unrealistically ambitious target date rarely works, therefore timescales should be flexible to a degree and sensitive to the scope of work involved.

Assessing the level of required rectification
Once a body or mechanical assembly has been stripped, we can make a much more informed decision as to whether a certain part is to be scrapped and replaced, or whether it can be repaired. Major components that can be 'saved' will have a big effect on final costing.

Achieving value for money

A major factor not to be overlooked when establishing a budget is the inherent final value of the restored car.
Restored Aston Martins in recent years have appreciated in value to the point that almost any classic Aston, no matter how far gone, is still a realistic base from which to launch a Bespoke project.

Aston Workshop Investment Guide (2011 values):

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