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Bespoke DB6

Our Bespoke DB6 is a fantastic car and can be either MK1 or MK2, but a Bespoke MK1 can also be upgraded to MK2 spec to create what we call the DB6 MK2 re-edition.
Using a DB6 MK1 (standard or Vantage) it includes all of the Bespoke upgrades listed below plus flared arches, wider wheels & trim of the MK2, turning any MK1 into the ultimate DB6.
Read about our Bespoke DB6 & MK2 re-edition in detail.
DB6 Bodywork
Body & Paint
Panel replacement versus repair?

The key factors surrounding this decision rest on the need for originality, amount of damage (if any) to be rectified and the availability of replacement panels.
On all Bespoke models we would generally replace the entire panel work forward of the A-Post and from the B-post to the rear with a totally new panel structure, leaving only the roof as original. Door skins are routinely replaced, and the same, depending on their state, for bonnet and boot.

A rigorous attention to detail, careful shaping, filing, priming, flatting and guide coating is necessary to achieve the end results demanded of a Bespoke DB6.

Your Bespoke model will also benefit from a full bare metal respray to bring it back to better than new condition.
We use the latest computer based technology, skill and experience, together with an enormous selection of paint codes to offer the widest range of colours imaginable.
Bumpers and window trims etc are all re-chromed to the highest possible standard on all Bespoke models.
DB6 Chassis
Dealing with the chassis correctly is paramount to a successful bespoke project.

The original chassis of the donor DB6 will be stripped bare and shot blasted to reveal any areas of corrosion. The corroded sections are then cut out and replaced. All internal sections are then treated with weld-through primer.
DB6 Engine
At Aston Workshop we can produce engines which far surpass original reliability and performance.

With the benefit of modern materials, machining techniques and oils we regularly build high performance engines to the highest specification, a perfect example of what can be achieved when starting from scratch, using modern upgraded parts and appropriate modifications.

All Bespoke DB6 models include the very latest enhancements and upgrades developed by Aston Workshop, and each engine we build carries with it the expectations of the talented technicians involved in the re-build. We never settle for second best, and this is immediately apparent upon inspection of these incredible engines.

We encourage our Bespoke owners to stipulate final engine specifications after careful consultation with our industry leading experts.
DB6 Suspension
Modern, adjustable gas filled dampers, progressive rate springs and modern radial tyres have transformed the handling characteristics of modern cars. These dampers are now available to classic car owners too and are fitted as standard on all Bespoke models.

By adjusting damper settings, different suspension settings and spring rates and optimising these in conjunction with modern radial tyres, it becomes possible to tailor the handling characteristics to suit.

Replacing rear lever arm dampers with telescopic dampers, eliminates what has now become an obsolete component. Furthermore, it is yet another significant step forward in achieving modern standards of ride comfort, safety and handling.

We are also working towards being able to offer in-car adjustable dampers on Bespoke models. This offers exciting possibilities allowing the driver to optimise handling according to road conditions at the time.

Finally, there is the wider question of wheel & tyre choice. At the end of the day, this is a personal decision, and while we will recommend certain options that we know work well, the choice inevitably must be down to the owner.

Each model in the Bespoke range has a slightly different set-up and each individual car can be set to the specification of the owner.

This is not a decision to be taken lightly, and you will be fully informed and advised by our expert team at the time of commissioning.
DB6 Transmission
As with many automotive systems, advances in design and materials have transformed the performance and safety of our classic Astons.
Thanks to our vast experience and some clever designs we have developed both steering and transmission enhancements that not only offer  increased performance and safety but are also thankfully very discreet.

On the Bespoke DB6 we can offer the following:

4 speed auto
The standard 3-speed automatic transmission can be upgraded to a ZF 4-speed, offering greater flexibility and economy as well as an all-round improvement in the driving experience.

Standard 5 speed manual
The original, standard 5-speed ZF transmission can be fully re-built or refurbished to owners specification.

New Tremec T-5 manual
A brand new unit, the T-5 from Tremec can also be specified. The T-5 uses an aluminium case and aluminium shift forks with an internal single-rail shift system. All forward gears are fully synchronised using carbon-fibre type synchroniser materials to make silky smooth shifts. Tapered roller bearings are used to minimise noise and improve efficiency.

Toyota Supra 5 speed
As incongruous as it may seem these units from Toyota have been fitted to many of our world leading restorations and have proved to be not only very reliable but also very easy to use day-to-day, making the Bespoke DB6 more modern in feel without altering the interior in any way.

New 6-speed ZF manual
This system is perhaps the most modern offering we have at present. This close-ratio 6-speed ZF unit is best suited to track days, but it can enhance the Bespoke DB6 driving experience too. Please ask for further details.

We are also developing a new multi-speed electronic gearbox as an option for our Bespoke models, availability to be announced.

The axle of the Bespoke DB6 will be upgraded with a choice of ratios and optional Limited Slip Differential. The casings of these units can be either the standard black finish or 'concours' gloss black upon request.
DB6 Brakes
When building a car such as the Bespoke DB6, it's absolutely essential that the brakes be upgraded or enhanced to the very best specification possible in order to match its all-round improvement in performance.

Advances in design and materials have transformed brake performance and safety and we ensure the benefits afforded are available on all Bespoke models.
The following upgrades can be fitted to all DB6 Bespoke models, greatly enhancing safety and handling under braking.

Option 1 – A.P. Racing
The A.P. Racing upgrade offers ventilated discs and increased capacity calipers. The result is a massive increase in reliability and stopping power.

Option 2 – A.P. Racing +
As per option 1 plus upgraded twin servos with increased capacity, the ultimate set up and the recommended set-up of choice for all Bespoke DB6 models.
DB6 Electrical DB6 Electrical Window Kit
All Bespoke DB6 models will include all new wiring looms, switches, connections, relays, fuse systems etc. to ensure reliability of all electrical components.

Every Bespoke model will also include a high output alternator to improve reliability and capacity of the charging system. In addition to this a conversion to negative earth will be carried out to make it compatible with modern electronic equipment.

The Daytona electric window kit is fitted as standard to improve performance and reliability and we even fit a warning buzzer to the side light system to avoid the frustration of returning to a non-starting Aston thanks to a drained battery.

In addition to this, the bespoke range will have the following electrical upgrades available:

Electric power assisted steering
Thatcham 1 alarm system
Remote central locking
Tracker systems
Intermittent wiper/washer system
A variety of ICE options with I-pod connection and Sat Nav
Hazard warning light system
HID headlight upgrades
Electronic and heated memory seats

Please contact our workshop manager to discuss model specifics.
DB6 Exhaust
The choice of exhaust system can dramatically alter the character of your tailor-made car. With this in mind, we are able to offer two different options for your Bespoke DB6.

Option 1 – Original specification replacement

Standard, cast iron manifolds available with either a single or twin system. Optional, ceramic 'Zircotec' coating providing exceptional heat insulation.

Option 2 – Stainless Steel

Full Stainless Steel system including pipes and silencer. Optional, ceramic 'Zircotec' coating providing exceptional heat insulation.

Read more about 'Zircotec' by visiting their website HERE
DB6 Trim
These cars are stunning to look at and drive, but the passenger environment is just as important. We pride ourselves here at Aston Workshop on the level of our craftsmanship, and nowhere is this more apparent than the interior of our Bespoke models.

The interior of your DB6 will be completely re-trimmed to your specification. This includes a wide range of materials in a myriad of colour combinations. Modified instrumentation is also available as are optional chrome switches and centre armrest/glovebox.

Sound insulation upgrades are standard on all Bespoke models allowing for longer journey lengths in greater comfort.

Exterior trim includes the fitting of new glass as a matter of course, plus all chrome areas prepared and re-chromed or fully replaced where necessary.
DB6 Tropicalisation
Owners of our Bespoke range will experience the thrill of driving one of the world's most iconic classic cars, but that no longer means levels of discomfort associated with 'hot weather' motoring of days gone by.

Our 'Tropicalisation' upgrade was specifically developed to deal with the hottest and most humid climates on the planet, but is of course of benefit to any owner of a Bespoke model, anywhere in the world.

Your DB6 will be upgraded to include a twin zone, front and rear air-conditioning system and total heat insulation of the cabin area using a specially designed woven insulation fabric hidden in the floor, roof and doors. We will also coat the exhaust manifolds and front pipes with a ceramic 'Zircotec' coating for ultimate heat insulation.

You may not be able to see it, but you will definitely notice the difference, especially when the outside temperature rises.
DB Fuel Injection
Fuel Injection
With the number of people able to correctly set up and maintain carburettors diminishing by the day, Aston Workshop has pioneered the fitment of Electronic Fuel Injection to the DB4, 5 and 6 cars. To this end, we have tested several cars running on this system over the past couple of years.

Unlike Carburettors, Fuel Injection maintains perfect fuel/air ratios at all times, even during   start up. EFI is generally better for an engine and eliminates plug fouling and other ills.

In keeping with our Bespoke ethos, we have gone to considerable trouble to develop a completely hidden Electronic Fuel Injection which uses the standard
Weber or SU carbs as the throttle bodies, thus retaining a completely standard look with an EFI system that cannot be detected. 

The installation of this system does not alter the car and indeed it can be returned to “standard” in just 8 hours.

The performance improvements are significant, with the cars able to pull cleanly from just 1,000 rpm on full throttle. In particular the EFI eliminates the known “flat spot” at 2,000 rpm.

As mentioned, starting issues are also eliminated, as is the use of the choke, so these cars perform more like modern cars in all weathers, and just as you would expect with this more modern approach, gains in fuel economy are also evident.

As part of our commitment to offering a Bespoke, tailor-made Aston, we are also developing a Fuel Injection system that replaces the original carburettors completely. This system has proved to be even more efficient and with greater flexibility and performance, although it does of course alter the original look of the DB models, it can be set up for road or track.

Our technical advisors will be more than happy to discuss the various options at the time of commissioning your project.
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